How to do Natural Makeup for Grey Hair

We face many challenges as we age and these challenges ranges from physical limitations, diet control and beauty routines. Some changes may not be visible but what is more challenging are changes that can easily be noticed from day to day and likely to affect our confidence like appearance grey hair and skin maturity. Here, we are going to focus on how to neutralize aging by matching your makeup for grey hair and instantly bring back more confidence.

Where your most precious beauty should start

Natural makeup for grey hair must start as you finally choose to accept your grey hair and be confident with it. Anyway, makeup is all about confidence and it is where we should start. So instead of covering things up, makeup for mature women should focus on making you feel great and confident.

Identify the tone of your skin

Before you choose any makeup, find out first your skin’s undertone if it is cool or warm. As a rule of thumb, if the veins inside your wrist are blue, you have cool undertone. If they are yellow, you have warm undertone.

            Cool Skin Tones

  • Best to wear pure white shades, hot pink, purple blue, cherry reds, grey and black
  • Use soft grey eye shadows, purple or charcoal shades
  • Avoid hard eye liners and finish with black mascara and curled lashes
  • Use rosy pink for your blush or plumy toned blushers
  • Avoid orange or bronze shades because they look harsh on mature face
  • You can choose from the palest pink to dark red for your lip color

Warm Skin Tones

  • Best to wear creams, rusts, red-orange colors, brown, yellowish green & pink
  • Use cream and green on your eyelids matched with darker brown and green
  • Adding a smudge line of dark brown shadow along the eyelash will make it look thick
  • Use black or brown mascara to your curled lashes
  • And for your blush, use coral tones while avoiding pink blushers
  • For your lips, use yellow shade lip colors
  • Use pale nudes to coral pink or dark brown-orange colors.

Color contrast and facial glow restored

Just like any work of art in a canvas, natural makeup for grey hair is all about color combination and color shades matching. But of course, organic and natural formulation work best to avoid premature skin aging and act as skin care and protection to slow down the aging process. Following these recommendations will definitely restore not only your facial glow but most importantly your confidence and self esteem.

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