Makeup Tips That Can Take Years Off Your Age

Have you ever wondered how movie actresses look like they never grow old? Yes, it’s most likely because their makeup artist successfully use these makeup tips to make their stars look prettier and younger all the time. Well, choosing neutral colors can be quite ideal and safe most of the time. But using a touch of bright colors can change the luster in your face to make it look healthier and younger looking. Follow these makeup tips below and take off some years on your age right away.

Conceal imperfections moderately

Too much concealer can easily make your skin look older. People cannot easily notice if you are hiding something, but notices if you’re concealing everything. If you have dark circles or dark spots, put a little bit of concealer on those small areas only and not all over. The more natural skin is visible and well-hydrated, the fresher and youthful your skin becomes. Do not be scared to reveal some skin. The key to youthful looking is to make it fresh and moisturized.

Brighten up your face with tinted moisturizers or light liquid foundations

You can choose to go for tinted moisturizers that has subtle shimmery particles or light liquid foundations to easily even out mature skin. Using pressed powder will only settle it on wrinkled skin, therefore, making it look more mature. Light reflections adds glow to your skin and eliminates the dry look off your face. A shimmery liquid foundation with moisturizer will make your skin fresher and younger.

Curl your eyelashes and add shimmering shadow as your highlighter

The use of an eyelash curler, shimmering shadow, a touch of mascara, and eyebrow powder can effectively give you some years back to your youthful days. Curling your eyelashes paired with a shimmer shadow as highlighter can easily make your eyes glow youthfully. People tend to look first in your eyes and it is very important to give their glance a fresh start. A good reflection from shimmers always completes the trick.

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