How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

With the vast selection of makeup products today, it’s not that difficult to “fake” glowing skin. A few highlighter tricks and a nice amount of lustrous foundation can instantly make your skin look youthfully radiant. However, it’s not as if you would wear makeup in every moment of your life, right? To look naturally glowing sounds like luxury. But with proper skincare routine along with the right choice of products you use, getting beautiful glowing skin can be effortless.

Glowing skin begins with healthy diet

Healthy glowing skin starts from within. There’s no other way to explain this than to always be mindful about what you eat. Slow down with foods that are too sugary and oily for these are quite notorious in disrupting healthy skin cell regeneration. Instead, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Fresh tomatoes, carrots, blueberries and turmeric are just a handful of foods that are known to be highly beneficial to the skin. Additionally, drinking lots of water daily helps keep the skin well-hydrated.

Avoid cosmetic products that strip the skin of its natural moisture

Certain chemical ingredients in cosmetics have adverse effects on the skin. One of the most common cosmetic ingredients to avoid is alcohol. Alcohol is commonly used to bind pigments/ingredients together but it’s also a very drying agent. According to Dr. Farid Mostamand, founder of Ageless Derma, "Alcohol causes the body to lose water, not keep it. It can cause red areas on the face, similar to rosacea, as it dilates blood vessels." Try to stick with natural extracts and minerals to make sure your skin is well taken care of. Natural botanical extracts also help make the skin glow naturally by maintaining hydration, plumping the skin and making the skin tone more even.

Invest in skincare that protects your skin from harsh environmental elements

Sun care is very important to keep the skin protected against harsh UV rays. Prolonged sun exposure can make your skin lose its natural glow and it can even cause dark spots. To keep your skin safe, invest in sun creams that feature healthy natural ingredients to maintain your glowing skin.

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