How to Gorgeously Flaunt a Mineral Lip Gloss

With a lot of different lip products available in the beauty shelves today, it can be quite a challenge looking for the one the suits you best. Furthermore, superbly pigmented matte lipsticks have been a massive trend this year – leaving our dear lip gloss behind. Well, it is quite understandable why a lot of women avoid wearing lip glosses and it’s because it usually is inconvenient.

Considering how some lip gloss formula tends to be very waxy and sticky, it can be quite troublesome to wear it on a daily basis. However, now that the beauty industry has boomed tremendously, the technology in terms of formulating lip glosses have changed. Mineral lip gloss became incredibly popular these days thanks to its very wearable formulation.

While it can’t be denied that a mineral lip gloss is just as foolproof as many other lip glosses, there are still ways for you to perfectly flaunt it in style. Amplify and step up your makeup game with these simple tips on how to gorgeously flaunt a mineral lip gloss.

Dab and Pucker Up!

The beauty of mineral lip gloss is its ability to add dimension to the lips by making it look fuller. If you are up for an everyday natural makeup look, you don’t have to swipe several layers of lip gloss just to achieve that plump. The key to making your mineral lip gloss last is to take a small amount and dab it on your lips.

Using your fingertip, take a small amount of mineral lip gloss from the doe foot applicator and lightly dab it starting from the center of your lips. Having that glossy shine onto the center will visibly add depth and make your lips look plumper.

Choose Your Lip Gloss Shade According to Your Style

Lip glosses come in a lot of different colors as well. They can either be bold or sheer in terms of color payoff. Ideally, if you want a mineral lip gloss that suits your everyday natural makeup look, going for sheer bright shades are much better.

Since most lip glosses are foolproof and they do transfer quite easily, going for dark lip gloss shades may be hard to maintain all throughout the day. Additionally, sheer lip glosses are more versatile because you can pair it freely with many other colors.

mineral lip gloss

Never Overdo Your Lip Gloss

One common beauty mistake many women commit is when lip gloss is excessively applied. In hopes of making the lips look full and plump, a number of layers are applied – sometimes, even overly drawn. When it comes to applying mineral lip gloss, a maximum of two layers should be enough for it to show its beautiful effect. Too much lip gloss on your lips tends to melt and therefore becomes too sticky on the lips.

Amplify your Nude Lipsticks with a Touch of Mineral Lip Gloss

Some types of nude lipsticks can wash your complexion out, especially if they are matte. However, that can be fixed with a light touch of lip gloss. As some nude lipsticks tend to lack definition for the lips, applying lip gloss over it would make your nude lip color stand out. It adds definition noticeably and it also brings out the color of your nude lipstick.

On the other hand, if you have fine lines on your lips and you want to wear your mineral lip gloss by itself, “choose a lip gloss close to your skin tone.”, according to makeup artist Taylor Babaian.

Say No to a Lip Gloss Too Sticky

There’s no reason for you to give up on lip glosses because not all of them have ridiculously sticky formulas. The sticky texture usually comes from certain chemicals that make the product shiny. On the other hand, a lot of mineral lip gloss gets its shine from natural oils derived from botanicals.

As these oils deliver a natural shine that adheres close to the skin, it gets absorbed into the lips without leaving a sticky residue on the surface. On top of that, your lips get superb hydration and nourishment from your mineral lip gloss’ botanical ingredients.

Here are some natural ingredients that can usually be found in mineral lip glosses. These botanical extracts deliver natural shine on the lips while also increasing its moisture retention.

  • Jojoba Oil – is a liquid type of wax extracted from Simmondsia Chinensis. It has natural healing properties and its component naturally gives a lustrous shine.
  • Shea Butter – it’s a natural ingredient extracted from the nut of Shea tree most commonly found in Africa. It’s an exceptional moisturizer and it gets fully absorbed in the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

Wear your Mineral Lip Gloss with your Matte Makeup

Let your makeup be matte but not flat! Add a bit of spice to your matte makeup look by adding a touch of mineral lip gloss on your lips. Match your lip gloss with a matte lipstick or a pigmented tint to make your makeup look more dimensional.






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