3 Must-Haves In Your Mineral Makeup Kit

A lot of women are switching to mineral makeup due to its numerous skin benefits. However, as the selection for mineral makeup products become broad, it has become much harder to choose which ones you should add to your makeup kit first. For those who are still starting with their mineral makeup switch, this article is for you.

The great thing about mineral makeup is its versatility. Just by getting at least three products can lead you to donning different makeup looks!

Mineral Powder Foundation

You can either get a mineral powder foundation in pressed or baked formula. On the other hand, if you feel like you need to maximize its functions by mixing it with other products, you may opt for the loose powder type. Premium mineral powder foundations usually allow you the utmost control on the coverage you wish to have. Whether you want a sheer finish or full coverage, you can always do so by proper application. Mineral powder can also be used as concealer when mixed with BB cream, tinted moisturizer or makeup fixer.

Mineral Bronzer

Everyone needs a touch of gorgeos sun-kissed glow! A good mineral bronzer can help you achieve a youthful glow without making it look like “makeup”. The beauty of bronzers is that they have the ability to be subtle on the skin. Just like other mineral makeup products, mineral bronzers can be very versatile too. Depending on your choice of shade, you can also turn your bronzer into an eyeshadow.

Mineral Makeup Setting Spray

Last but definitely not the least, you would also need a high quality mineral makeup setting spray. Apart from having your whole makeup stay intact the entire day, setting sprays also make great mixing agents. Makeup artist Paula Mason says, “My makeup kit can never miss a setting spray. I like spraying some on my brush to create richer pigmentation. It can even turn your eyeshadows to eyeliners and lip colors!”

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