3 Best Vegan Skincare Tips

Vegan skincare focuses on the use of plant-based products and organic materials derived from plants while avoiding animal-based products and ingredient. The motivation behind vegan skincare and lifestyle is prompted by cruelty-free and animal rights issues as well as the unethical use of animals in laboratory experiments. It is in itself a very healthy skincare alternative that brings organic ingredients to your skin the safest and most effective way. To give your skin the best care it deserves, here are the three best vegan skincare we recommend.

The best organic exfoliants to keep your skin smooth and soft

Most exfoliants in the market today are either chemically produced or may contain abrasive ingredients that will definitely cleanse your skin but leaving them damaged, irritated and even inflamed. Using organic extract from fruits with enzymatic exfoliants will surely take care of your skin the natural way. Papayas for example contain natural enzyme called papain and pineapples contain bromelain, which both help in exfoliating the skin naturally leaving it smooth and so soft. Green papayas have higher papain content and can be used raw or in fresh form, but there are also product preparations with natural contents.

Brighten your dull skin by using green tea as your toner

White and green teas are very ideal for your skin if used as a toner to make it brighter and clearer. You can prepare a tea toner using both of these teas by steeping them at least for five minutes and let it cool. They both have hydrating properties, cleansing capabilities and anti-inflammatory benefits to make your skin moisturized and healthy.

The ultimate and most versatile plant extract for skincare

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) has been used medicinally for thousands of years and proven to provide the ultimate solution to skincare. While its potency is limited to several hours, it is best used fresh from extraction from aloe leaves or have it in stabilized form using organic substances that help extend its potency to several years.

Scientist and skincare experts have discovered more than 200 nutrients in Aloe Vera which include 20 organic minerals, 20 essential amino acids, 12 antioxidant vitamins and healthy enzymes all needed for skin health.

It has anti-inflammatory properties, natural moisturizers and optimum cleansing capabilities to keep your skin healthy and aglow. There are stabilized Aloe Vera preparations such as lotions, facial creams, toners, mask powders, soap and a vast skincare lines more. All you need to make sure is that the manufacturer is a trusted animal-cruelty free company and really has the capability of safely stabilizing the potency of Aloe Barbadensis leaf extracts.

There you have it, some vegan skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing the natural way.

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