Natural Makeup Look Tutorial for Women in her 50s

Sporting a natural makeup look may seem quite easy and simple for many. However, it gets harder and harder to work with makeup as we age. The skin starts to sag, wrinkles start to form and dark spots begin to appear. These natural aging factors won’t be easily solved with the makeup tricks you used to do back in your early 20s

By 50, you have probably already noticed how your skin has changed. And no, we are not only talking about wrinkles and fine lines here but also the state of your skin; particularly on how it reacts to certain things. Your skin may have turned a lot drier or a lot more sensitive compared before. For instance, you used to love this particular foundation when you were younger but now, all it does is make your skin red, blotchy and itchy! Well, don’t you worry because we have the secrets from the beauty experts on how to perfect a natural makeup look on a more mature skin.In this Natural Makeup Look Tutorial , we give you the trick to get that natural flawless look.

Tips on Perfecting a Natural Makeup Look if you’re in your 50s

  • Intense Hydration is the key – moisturizers are always important regardless of age. But as you reach 50, you need to double up your skin hydrating game for your skin has become a lot drier than before. According to Dr. Farid Mostamand, Founder of Ageless Derma, It is important to keep the skin well hydrated and moisturized to ward off the visible signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and dry skin. Hydration starts from the inside out so drinking lots of water throughout the day can keep the skin well hydrated and help it maintain the proper balance necessary to deter the aging process.”. With this being mentioned, hydration does not only talk about investing in a top-notch anti-aging moisturizer but also by incorporating lots of fluids in your diet.
  • Natural Makeup Look Tutorial
  • Go natural and lightweight with your cosmetic products – it’s time to ditch those heavy-duty concealers and foundations. Flaunting a natural makeup look for mature skin only requires lightweight cosmetics. Mineral makeup is very ideal for those who are over 50 because they are specially formulated to be nourishing, hypoallergenic and lightweight. If you feel like you need more pigmentation for your mineral makeup, go for Baked Mineral cosmetics. Just like the traditional mineral makeup, baked mineral cosmetics are also lightweight but they deliver richer pigmentation and offer a silky velvety finish on the skin.
  • Use shades that match your natural complexion – the key to looking more natural and youthful is to choose the right shades of makeup. Of course, you are still free to experiment with more fun and vibrant colors but since we are talking about a natural makeup look that you can wear daily, you have to choose shades that are a bit toned down.Here is Natural Makeup Look Tutorial on how to address your makeup in these areas when you hit 50. 
  1. Foundation - always make sure you get the exact match of foundation. Foundations that tend to be a bit more orange will definitely add years to your age. If you are not very sure about the shade you’re getting, consider picking up a Tinted Moisturizer or BB cream. These face products have the ability to blend into your natural skin tone as they offer sheer and lightweight coverage.
  2. Eyebrows – your eyebrow shade should be at least one shade lighter than your hair color. Darker brows may look too strong for a woman over 50. However, if you have grey or white hair, pick up eyebrow shades that are either in grey or natural brown.
  3. Eyeshadows and Eyeliner – warm neutral shades are very ideal to complete a fresh and youthful natural makeup look. Go for mattes or subtle shimmers for your eyeshadows but avoid the ones that are too glittery. As for eyeliner, brown eyeliners look more soft and natural.
  4. Blusher – choose a blusher that comes in the same shade as your cheeks’ natural flush. The goal is to enhance the natural color of your cheeks rather than to cover it up with something too bright for your complexion.
  5. Lipstick – MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades are always the best for a youthful natural makeup look. Just like how you choose the color of your blusher, your lipstick should also fall under the same undertone as the natural shade of your lips – only brighter. Avoid pale nudes that can wash your complexion off.




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