Tips on Wearing a Natural Makeup Look for Wedding

Flaunting a perfectly gorgeous natural makeup look for wedding has always been nerve-wracking for brides. Professional makeup artists admit that the goal of looking beautiful and fresh all day is not quite an easy task. Achieving an exquisite makeup look that lasts that looks natural requires both professional effort and top-tier makeup products. Look at the following beauty tips for you to successfully achieve a beautiful natural makeup look for wedding.

Boost the longevity of your makeup

The key factor to acing the best bridal makeup is to know how to make it last. Do your research to make sure you’re getting the right set of makeup products that really adhere and last onto the skin. Start with an exceptional makeup primer. An efficient primer should help your makeup stay intact despite humidity and even tears. Another beauty expert tip in making your makeup last long is to not apply too much of everything.

Keep the colors soft and neutral

Invest in a color palette that flatters your complexion. For bridal makeup, color palettes that revolve around burgundy wine, soft peach, earth brown and champagne gold are ideal options. Chauntal Capri Lewis, professional wedding makeup artist shares a tip, “For natural bridal makeup, I like to keep the lid and inner corners of the eyes bright and awake by using champagne tones and a light application of luminous sparkle in the inner corners.”

natural makeup look for wedding

Go for a transfer-proof lipstick or tint

The goal is to not have your red-hot lipstick all over the groom as “you may now kiss the bride” happens. To prevent transferring, make sure that your lipstick or lip tint is properly applied and set. Makeup artist Tiffany Patton of White Rose Collective says, “Apply everything in thin, even layers. Use a lip liner, put on your lipstick, blot, add more lipstick, blot, and add more lipstick. This process really seals the product to the lips and makes for a perfect stain."


natural makeup look for wedding

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