How To Get A No Makeup Look With Mineral Makeup

Applying makeup is not always about covering your skin imperfections, or masking your blemishes. Most of the time, you use your makeup as a tool you need to effectively enhance your beauty. However, to select the correct makeup type when it comes to achieving that no makeup look is essential, for it will highly affect the results. In this article, we have prepared some useful tips on how you can get a no makeup look, with the help of mineral makeup.

Prime your skin with a hydrating mineral primer

A hydrating mineral primer’s role is to even out your skin tone, to give a surface to level with your foundation, and to make your makeup long lasting. Your mineral primer should be applied underneath your makeup. You might ask; why mineral? Well, mineral primer has nourishing ingredients that are helpful to boost moisture retention.

Apply baked mineral foundation for a flawless base

After priming, you can now start applying your baked mineral foundation to achieve a breathable finish and to reach a flawless base. Baked mineral foundation contains natural minerals and botanical extracts, and it is 100% free from skin irritants and chemicals. It also features richer pigment and creamier texture comapred to pressed makeup, which makes it seamless and easy to blend.

Give your eyes a lift by concealing your under eye area with mineral concealer

Hide your dark circles and eye puffiness with the help of a mineral concealer that is one shade lighter than your original skin tone, to reach a brightening effect. A mineral concealer provides better coverage to easily conceal your blemishes, skin imperfections, and dark circles.

Enhance your complexion with a mineral bronzer

To effectively use a mineral bronzer, pick a shade that is 2 or 3 shades darker than your original skin tone, and then start aiming on your cheekbones, temples, chin, and forehead. A mineral bronzer’s role is to add warmth your skin, and to make your complexion look healthier without using too much color makeup.

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