How To Choose A No Makeup Look Foundation

To master that glamorous no-makeup makeup look is simply ideal for every woman who are into the natural look. To choose a no makeup look foundation, most women say that it is preferable that you use a foundation with lightweight formula for it will give your skin a very natural finish. It seems difficult to choose the correct foundation, but don’t worry, it is actually easy. That is why, in this article, we prepared some tips on how you can effectively choose your no makeup look foundation.

Choose Sheer Coverage

To identify the right amount of foundation you are applying on your face is necessary. When it comes to choosing the correct coverage in terms of a no makeup look, it is always advisable for you to go for a sheer coverage. It will definitely provide a flawless result that only makes it look like second skin. There’s nothing to worry about experiencing a cakey finish for it is lightweight. Makeup artist Robin Black says "Don’t erase your skin. Foundation is meant to give you a cleaner palette, and then you can dab concealer on top where you need more coverage."  Take note; always choose a foundation that contains color-correcting properties to help even out your skin tone and fix any skin discolorations.

Go for a Hydrating Formula

A foundation that contains hydrating components is also a key to achieve a flawless no-makeup makeup look. For example, a foundation that has hyaluronic acid makes it a great moisturizer, and it will definitely help on creating a seamless base. Foundations with hydrating components will provide healthy level of moisture in the skin and it will provide a dewy glow. Additionally, they are usually easy to glide on your face and they are actually long lasting.

A Foundation with SPF is an Ideal Option

If you are a woman who likes to travel around and you find yourself always exposed under the sun, then it is very much advisable for you to use a foundation infused with SPF for it can mainly protect your skin from harsh UV rays. This type of foundation usually leaves your complexions with a radiant, glowy, no-makeup makeup look. In addition, an SPF-infused foundation can indeed provide your skin some additional insurance.

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