What Is Nude Makeup And How To Apply It

Nude makeup is a flattering no-makeup look that involves the precise use of neutral colors such as rose, beige, bronze, or peach to easily blend with your natural skin tone.  The secret to that fresh looking nude makeup is to carefully choose the right colors that will work well with the natural tones and shades of you face. With these neutral colors, you can easily enhance those tones, go brighter, or go deeper to highlight your natural feature. We will now guide you on how to apply these techniques.

Go for shades that come in the same natural tones of your skin

Your skin tone is the natural color of your skin complexion that ranges from fair, light, medium or deep.  Having a fair skin tone can be best described as having a porcelain skin complexion. A light skin tone is more on the pale side. While a medium skin tone may refer to not super dark neither super light, a deep skin tone is the dark one. Matching your skin tones with corresponding makeup shade will do just right.

Enhance your facial features with a dust of bronzer

Bronzer can carefully enhance the natural contours of your face. By sweeping some dust bronzer along the perimeter lines of your face, below the cheekbones, and along your jaw line, your facial features will be enhanced. With these contours enhanced, lesser makeup will be needed and an effective nude makeup will be achieved.

Choose a cream blush for that dewy, soft finish

Your cheekbones will have that natural glow, dewy and soft finish by applying a neutral shade cream blush high on the apple of your cheek while adding a highlighter on top of it. A natural cream blush will definitely provide a natural and fine finish to your skin.

Tightline your eyes with brown eyeliner

Tightlining is an eyeliner technique that creates the look of fuller, darker lashes, and better eye accentuation while maintaining a light no-makeup feeling. Using a brown shade and waterproof eyeliner will do the trick for that nude makeup look.

Choose a flattering nude shade for your lips

Your lip color emanates your personality. Picking a flattering nude shade will make your lips look naturally fresh and appealing. Neutral colors will enhance the natural color of your lips giving it fresh and sumptuous look.

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