How To Do Natural Makeup For Brown Skin Tones

A unique makeup requirement and preparation is suitable for every people with their varying skin tones. The shape and contour of your face are factors that need to be considered also. While lighter skin tones poses many challenges, natural makeup for brown skin tones needs extra care since incorrect choice of makeup will easily affect their appearance. However, brown skin tone can radiate astoundingly if perfectly prepped focusing on the natural makeup look, and here’s how to do it.

The Goal is to have even complexion

Makeup foundation is the canvas for you makeup artwork. See to it that it matches your natural skin tone by using two shade of your foundation. Use the lighter shade on the center of your face and a natural shade onto the rest to make you face look fresh and brighter.

“Balance you complexion by matching your foundation to your lightest area,” suggests Ashunta Sheriff, a celebrity makeup artist in New York City. Familiarize with the use of color –corrector concealer and choose foundations or BB creams that provide proper coverage for your skin.

Add dimension to your face by using a gold toned highlighter

By applying a gold toned highlighter on the high points of your face, more dimensions and sculpture will be added to it. A shimmery bronzer can make your skin naturally fresh and glowing. For that perfect sun-kissed aura, use two shades deeper than your skin tone, and see to it that you don’t scatter the bronzer on your face.

Avoid frosty lipsticks that have pastel undertones

Lipstick colors like beige, coffee color, chocolate shade, plums, burgundy, soft pink, berry and shimmery gold will easily match and accentuate the natural look of your lips and highlight the fresh natural makeup for brown skin. Avoid frosty finish lipsticks with pastel undertones because it washes out you complexion making your lips look dull, unnatural and generally unflattering.

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