Plump Lips Tutorial

Full, pouty lips are the hallmark of some of the world's most beautiful celebrities. While some people are simply born with the kind of lips most women wish they had, many others need a little assistance in achieving that plump, sensual mouth. As the cosmetics industry has evolved, we have seen a plethora of lip products appear on the market that all claim to make lips fuller and plumper. There are also advanced lip products formulated to correct or repair damaged lips. Whether lips have been damaged by environmental factors or are the result of an inherent skin condition, lip repair products claim they can help.

When it comes to skincare, our lips are frequently the most neglected part of our face, even though they actually need the most care. Our lips contain just three to five cellular layers of skin, which makes them much thinner than facial skin. This means they are more sensitive to weather and other environmental conditions and to changes in our health. It's also why most experts recommend implementing a regular routine of lip treatment—one as simple as keeping your lips hydrated or as complex as major lip repair. It's easy to include lip enhancement in your skincare regimen given all the combination products on the market today.

Plump Lips Tutorial

Because they are sensitive, lips tend to dry out and chap more easily than the rest of your face. This is because the lips don't have sweat glands to create an extra layer of protection. This renders the lips vulnerable to damage from the environment, and more susceptible to the effects of aging, thus resulting in a variety of undesirable conditions. Lips tend to wrinkle faster, like the sensitive areas around the eyes. They also tend to lose their fullness, because the collagen that is imbedded deep in the layers tends to break down faster in the lips than in other areas of the face. Lip treatment, in most cases, involves stimulating collagen production to reverse the effects of time on collagen fibers underneath the skin.

One of the most common lip conditions, second only to the natural process of aging, is sun damage. People with lighter skin tones have significantly less melanin pigment in their lips than in their facial skin. This means that blood vessels appear closer to the surface, giving lips a pinkish or red color.

Melanin is the pigment that helps screen out damaging UV rays. Without this protection, lips are at high risk for sunburn. UV rays can alter the appearance of lips as easily as they can cause premature aging on the face. The sun can also affect the levels of collagen within the lips, diminishing their natural resilience. The thin cellular layers may be eroded, damaged, or dried out due to UV rays, so wrinkles form more easily around the mouth and lip area, leading to premature aging. Effective lip repair often includes lip treatments with sun protection, in addition to collagen restoration and hydration.

With additional antioxidant support, good lip treatment products can provide a lip repair regimen that sets your lips on a path to a more youthful, healthier appearance. Most of these lip treatment products are as easy to use as lip gloss. The ones designed to be applied and worn throughout the day usually have a higher level of sunscreen protection—some are formulated to be worn under lipstick or gloss, and some for use alone. There are also many lip repair products designed to be worn overnight; they are specifically intended to increase hydration and restoration of lip cells.

About Lip Plumpers and Enhancers

Lip plumpers or lip enhancers fall into a unique category of cosmetics. They're designed to make lips appear fuller and can be translucent, opaque, or tinted. While some lip enhancers are formulated primarily for the purpose of plumping, others are formulated to also repair damage, provide sunscreen benefits, and act as an anti-aging treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on and around the lips. Some lip plumpers can be worn alone as a lip gloss. From light shades to bright, colorful shades and glittery finishes, a wide range of looks can be achieved. The sheerer lip plumpers or lip enhancers are generally designed to be applied under lipstick.

Currently, the most popular lip plumper and lip enhancer brands on the market include LipFusion, ColoreScience, and Janson Beckett. However, almost every anti-aging skincare line on the market features lip plumpers or lip enhancer products. For instance, popular and trusted brands like BioElements, Borba, Decleor, and Dermalogica all have lip plumping and lip enhancing glosses, balms, and complexes. In fact, the majority of the products that fall into this latter group tend to be designed with more than just lip plumping in mind. Borba has a product called Cashmere Fiber Lip Kit that is formulated with cashmere fibers and shea butter to soften lips while providing protection. On the other hand, a brand like ColoreScience, which has a very wide range of lip plumpers and lip enhancers, has created kits to plump and enhance lips in more than one way.

The ColoreScience Lip Restoration System includes a Crystalscience Lip Serum, a Lip Polish, and a Lip Exfoliator.

So how does a lip plumper make lips fuller and more pouty? Lip plumpers contain ingredients like menthol or camphor that stimulate the delicate skin on the lips and make them swell slightly. This is often enough of a plumping effect to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well. Blends of antioxidants like vitamin C help hydrate the lips while increasing plumpness. Additional specially formulated blends help stimulate new cell growth and enhance lip color, while others repair and restore skin. Dermalogica's AGE Smart Renewal Lip Complex uses a patented polypeptide technology to repair and restore skin.

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