Puffy Eyes

Some of most common causes of eye puffiness include lack of sleep (both sleep deprivation and interrupted sleep cycles), fluid retention, diet that can lead to fluid retention, alcohol and tobacco, and allergies. Allergic reactions that lead to nasal congestion can exasperate puffiness around the eyes. Perhaps the most common cause, aging also leads to drooping or puffiness around the eyes.

Lack of sleep can be a reason why you might be experiencing puffiness under the eyes.  It can affect both males and females, and ultimately, the solutions to this cause is simple - make sure you get more restful sleep.  Easier said than done, but it can reduce the puffiness under the eyes or around the sensitive eye area.  It's important to note that this is a short-term solution and doesn't address puffiness around the eyes that develops over time, as an affect of aging.

Fluid retention leading to puffiness under the eyes can be a result of simple environmental effects, such as changes in weather, as well as internal factors such as hormone levels.   Allergic reactions can also temporarily cause puffiness.  However, with some persistent types of allergic reactions, puffiness may become a chronic problem that needs to be addressed with specific treatment.  This also applies to cases where the puffiness is caused as a side effect of a certain medication you might be taking.  If it's a medication that you will be taking for an extended period of time, it's important to address the side effect of puffiness around the eyes, so that it doesn't become a problem itself that could persist after the medication stops.

Although all the causes listed above are fairly common, puffiness around the eyes can also simply be a result of heredity.  Some people generally have a higher level of water retention or different skin tissue composition that can lead to having puffiness around the eyes.  Also in these cases, the remedy would have to be a long-term solution rather than a temporary or quick fix.

Ultimately, there are numerous potential causes for having puffiness around the eyes.  Consider whether some of the factors listed here might be playing a role in diminishing the beauty of your appearance.  If it's a mild or temporary problem you're experience, it will most likely correct itself with simple improvements in sleep, diet, and environment.  Otherwise, you might want to explore some of the treatments for under eye puffiness that we discuss in the treatments section, or consider some of the products that are reviewed in the product review section. DrSkinSpa.com has more information about puffiness around the eyes. It's doctor owned and operated skin spa store and can provide consultation to help find the best product for your specific case.

Natural and Other Treatments for Puffiness Under Eyes

If you're predisposed to under eye puffiness, or you just find yourself looking in the mirror and seeing bags under the eyes, there are several different types of remedies and treatments to fix it. From cucumbers and tea bags to eye masks, there are a number of temporary, short-term solutions. But when you have puffiness around the eyes that occurs more regularly, you may want to explore other, more effective long term treatments available out there.

If you're experiencing puffiness around the eyes due to a lack of sleep or because you had a temporary allergic reaction, simple remedies can be your solution. For example, you can place chilled cucumber slices  or damp tea bags over your eyes while you rest.  This will reduce the water retention.  It won't make a completely recovery, but it can help diminish the appearance of the under eye puffiness. Other simple solutions include getting more sleep, and sleeping with your head slightly raised to prevent the accumulation of fluid around the eyes.

For some, however, these remedies are not enough to address the problem.  If the puffiness around your eyes is persisting or seems to be recurring, it may be time to consider some of the treatments available.  Currently on the market, and sold primarily through spas, are products designed to address the issue.  Because the area around the eyes is highly sensitive, you shouldn't apply just any product to the skin.  It's important that you select a treatment designed for that sensitive area.

Currently, the most popular treatments for puffiness under eyes is the use of eye creams.  Properly formulated and designed eye creams produced by professional and recognized cosmeceutical companies are generally the choice recommended by dermatologists and doctors who specialize in the field For example, Neocutis - at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland)  - developed something called Processed Skin Cell Proteins (PSP) technology, which rejuvenates the eye area by reducing fine lines, banishing dark circles around the eyes, and reducing puffiness. Other products, such as one formulated by Vivier, incorporates a beneficial mixture of Vitamin K, which restores skin elasticity, and Vitamin C IDS technology, which is a powerful antioxidant that works as an anti-aging device while also replenishing skin.

Ageless Derma light and bright Eye cream is formulated by physician to reduce the eye puffiness .

 When looking for a treatment that's going to address your particular skin type effectively, make sure you select a well-known and recognized brand, and purchase your product from a trusted source which have doctors and other professionals on staff to assist and advise you in your selection. We've reviewed many products designed and formulated to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Through our reviews and feedback from customers worldwide, we've selected what seem to be the most effective products to get rid of puffiness around the eyes. Click on the Reviews link on the left to see our top choices.


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