Conventional Versus Contemporary Puffy Eye Treatment

Dr. Farid Mostamand

Author of Ageless Skin Obsession

The eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul. They are also among man‘s most noticeable features. They must be well cared for as our skin is constantly exposed to damaging, toxic elements, and the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate tissue on the body. Puffy eyes occur due to things like excessive crying and allergies. Crying causes the eyes to redden and swell, resulting in eye irritation. Hormonal changes, stress, alcohol, and lack of sleep are also detrimental to the tissue around the eyes. Another problem, unsightly dark circles, are usually the result of lack of sleep, nasal congestion, and/or vitamin deficiency.

The most alarming aspect of puffy eyes for beauty-conscious people is that it can lead to premature aging that manifests through the emergence of wrinkles, lines, and crow‘s feet.   

Two widely used home remedies for fighting puffiness and dark circles are cucumbers and green tea bags. Though traditionally believed to reduce the swelling and remove unwanted shadows around the eyes, the fact is that they only provide short-term relief through their cooling effect on the skin. Similarly, applying eye makeup is a short-term solution as it only covers up the existing problem.  

Modern science is constantly developing new anti-aging skincare that can have lasting effects on the eyes, and the purchase of an eye cream that has been scientifically formulated to eliminate puffiness and dark circles is surely a wise investment. 

Products that Reduce Eye Puffiness

Your skin type and lifestyle are unique to you, and as you age, it's important to understand how to choose the best eye care products to complement your needs. Factors like age, the level of repair and restoration needed, the amount of hydration needed, and the nutritional requirements for your skin should all play a role in your skincare purchasing decisions. Anti-aging products, particularly those products that treat puffiness around the eyes, are always evolving and becoming more sophisticated. With so many products on the market, choosing a good eye treatment can be difficult.


 Dr. Mostamand Favorite products for Puffy Eyes

Age-Defying Lift and Bright Eye Gel

Babor Skinovage Sensational Eyes Cooling Eye Gel

DDF Nourishing Eye Cream 15m

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