Aging is hard on the face and neck. More and more lines and wrinkles appear and deepen, taking away our youthful appearance and making us feel our age every time we look into the mirror. Even sharing simple moments when we smile or frown makes the problem worse.

Why do we develop wrinkles?

We all know that wrinkles appear in proportion to our age, but what exactly causes them? Here is a more detailed look at what is happening beneath the skin:

As skin cells age, they slowly lose their elasticity. Repeatedly making the same facial expressions over and over stretches the skin out of shape and loosens it.

Damage to the subcutaneous layer of our skin from powerful UV rays increases this process. It hits the outside layer of skin, or the epidermal layer, causing it to become thinner and less flexible than younger skin. The older we are, the more exposure to the destructive rays we have had.

Surgery is one way to remove unwanted wrinkles, but that is more expensive than anti-wrinkle creams. Surgery comes with both added risks and a long period of recovery afterward.

The  other option for removing wrinkles is to use an anti-wrinkle cream. However, there are so many different anti-wrinkle skin creams on the market, that it is difficult to know which one to buy. All of them state they will erase your wrinkles, but which is the right one for you to use? Because most of the remedies are expensive, it makes trial and error out of the question.

Choosing an Anti-Wrinkle Cream

To increase your chances of selecting the right anti-wrinkle cream on the first try, you should examine labels while you search. Establishing that the product contains ingredients that have a record of effectiveness is crucial before handing over any amount of money. When you are searching for an anti-wrinkle cream, keep these components in mind:

Liposomes – This ingredient is the messenger of the product. It increases the efficiency with which the nutrients will be delivered, ensures they are delivered to the cells that need them, and augments the ability of the cells to absorb the nutrients. With the increased stability, the results of the cream last longer without bad side effects.

Matrixyl 3000 – This ingredient fights against free radicals that can destroy youthful looking skin while decreasing the number of wrinkles and fine lines. It penetrates the deeper layers of skin tissue, helping to lock in moisture. This reduces the amount of deep wrinkles and sagging skin.

Revinage – This ingredient helps synchronize protein transmission by activating retinoic acid receptors on the skin cells. Unlike similar retinoids, it is non-irritating to the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Peptides are natural amino acids that help to build collagen in the skin. They are vital components in anti-aging products. One type of peptide is called copper peptide. Copper peptides are peptides with an extra kick to them. As the name suggests, these peptides are created when a peptide chain binds with a copper ion. Peptides forming this component encourage the creation of collagen, which makes the skin more taut and enhances its natural elasticity.


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