How to Apply a Tinted Moisturizer for a Natural Makeup Look

The popularity of tinted moisturizers has been quite extensive over the past years. As the fresh, natural makeup look dominated the beauty scene, the use of tinted moisturizer has been found most ideal to complete such look. It is lightweight, sheer and immensely hydrating – a perfect combo for your everyday complexion booster! But then again, how is your tinted moisturizer different from your usual foundation?

What is a Tinted Moisturizer?

Tinted moisturizers are like skincare rather than makeup. Like what the name suggests, it’s mainly an everyday moisturizer with a slight hint of tint to provide coverage. The usual tinted moisturizer offers very sheer coverage, just enough to cover minor imperfections. It also gives a healthy-looking dewy finish instead of a flat matte makeup look.

Additionally, tinted moisturizers are also infused with a superior amount of natural ingredients for it to be extensively hydrating and nourishing. Since it’s more like skincare than makeup, its key function is to nourish the skin. Make sure you find a tinted moisturizer that has all the essential natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy! Remember, premium makeup shouldn’t always be pricey.

tinted moisturizer

According to Dr. Farid Mostamand, founder of Ageless Derma, “It’s always possible to have premium beauty products at very affordable prices. As long as the brand concentrates more on the formula rather than the cost of middleman and distribution, the unit price can be set on a more reasonable price range.”

The Difference of Tinted Moisturizer for a Natural Makeup Look

What’s great about tinted moisturizers is that it serves as a complexion enhancer all while supplying superior hydration to your skin. If you have dry or mature skin, you would want something more moisturizing for your skin – this is what a tinted moisturizer is for! While there are good foundations also suitable for everyday use, tinted moisturizers feel like second skin. It doesn’t feel like makeup but more of like skincare! On top of that, most tinted moisturizers also double up as sunscreen as well; thanks to its SPF features.

Dry Skin No More!

Dry skin is a quite a challenging skin condition to cope with, most particularly when you have mature skin. The skin’s natural moisture levels greatly deplete as we age and this leads to dry, flaky skin. This is one reason why using a tinted moisturizer is much suitable for mature women rather than going for heavy matte foundations. With the right amount of tinted moisturizer, you get proper hydration while providing just enough coverage to make your natural makeup look great.

Don’t Apply Too Much Tinted Moisturizer

One may tend to apply several layers of tinted moisturizer in hopes of achieving coverage. However, tinted moisturizers aren’t really formulated to provide heavy coverage so piling up layers of it on your skin won’t make any difference. In addition, too much layers of tinted moisturizer may end up feeling thick and greasy – imagine applying a spoonful of cream moisturizer on your skin! It won’t look natural and it will only melt off of your skin. When it comes to applying tinted moisturizer, less is more. That is how it will look more fresh and natural.

Apply with the Makeup Applicator that Works for You

There are numerous ways for you to efficiently apply your tinted moisturizer. You can use your fingers, brush or sponge to have it evenly delivered onto your skin. The key point here is to understand what makeup applicator really works for you. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Flat foundation brush – great for spreading the tinted moisturizer while maintaining its dewy finish.
  • Dense buffing brush – if you want a finer, more airbrushed finish.
  • Sponge or puff applicator – great for those who have huge pores and acne scars for it allows the tinted moisturizer to be evenly delivered to the flawed areas.

Do some Spot-Concealing instead for Flawed Areas

Spot-concealing is the best way to provide additional coverage whenever you’re using a tinted moisturizer. Since tinted moisturizers do not offer heavy coverage and piling layers of it won’t really cover much, using a concealer to assist you with your flaws is quite ideal. Focus on the troubled spots and dab an appropriate amount of concealer on these spots. Blend it well to make sure it matches perfectly with your natural makeup look.




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