Dark Spot, Spot on The Skin, Spots on Face

Dark spots are one of the most common problems that appear on aging or unhealthy skin, and they are also one of the most dreaded. Impossible to cover up with concealer, difficult to remove with common facial products, dark spots can be a complete pain to deal with, and sufferers might wonder if there is anything they can do to make them go away for good.

Luckily, there are many possible treatments for dark spots on the skin, ranging from cheap home remedies to surgery. Although the effectiveness of each treatment depends, in part, of the cause and the severity of each individual dark spot, anyone who is particularly troubled by spots on the face will most likely find a suitable solution through one of these options.


Some people claim that the easiest way to deal with dark spots is to stop them from appearing in the first place. Wear sunscreen on your face at all times, even during the winter, to prevent “sun spots” from forming on the face.

Lemon Juice

This home remedy has been used for centuries to reduce the appearance of freckles. Because of its acidity, lemon juice can gently bleach the skin and peel away the first layer of skin over time. You can use any store-bought or freshly squeezed juice by dabbing it directly on to dark spots using a cotton ball twice a day. The process is gradual and may take months to be fully effective, but many people swear by this natural approach. However, this is best for light skinned individuals, and may cause uneven splotches on darker skin tones.


The lactic acid in milk lightens skin and improves its texture. Apply the milk to the dark spots using a cotton ball and leave it to soak into the skin for a few minutes before washing it off.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that refreshes the skin and has been shown to improve dark spots. Consider finding a cream that is rich in Vitamin E, eating lots of vitamin-E rich foods such as beans, peas, egg yolks and sunflower seeds, or taking vitamin supplements.

Extrapone Nutgrass

This natural ingredient can be found in lotions. It whitens the skin by blocking the production of melanin. The less melanin in the skin, the lighter it gets.

Aloe Vera

This traditional healing agent is known to help many skin problems and may reduce the appearance of age spots. Rub it directly onto the dark spots twice a day and leave it for at least 45 minutes before rinsing it away. It may take a month of regular use before you see any effect.

Skin Bleachers/Whiteners

These over-the-counter products are specially designed to tackle dark spots on the skin. Be sure not to get imported products, as these may include ingredients such as mercury that are banned in the United States.

Laser Treatment

An expensive option, but typically relatively pain-free and usually the most direct way to banish dark spots for good.

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