The Newest Technology for Wrinkle Aging

Most people believe that the words wrinkle and aging must always go together. When you begin to get older, they believe it is inevitable that you become naturally old-looking because of wrinkle aging effects on the face, lips, and other areas of the skin. Yet there have been so many advances in the discovery of new wrinkle aging techniques and products, that the words wrinkle and aging do not necessarily have to go in tandem anymore. You can age and be relatively free of wrinkles now with the right product or the correct surgical or non-surgical procedure.

With the use of the science of nanotechnology delivery techniques, the very smallest particles (thinner than one strand of your hair) of synthetic matter can be manipulated and added to skin care products and cosmetics. The nanotechnology delivery system is used to target specific areas of the skin. With the use of this new technology, skin creams and cosmetics can penetrate the skin more deeply than every before! Targeting wrinkle and aging issues can be done with the use of the nanotechnology in use today. Today’s skin care products can be produced and manufactured to be very lightweight and are able to penetrate down to the sources of wrinkle aging.

Lips that are distorted from wrinkle and aging over the years can now be plumped up and volume added with a lipstick that has plumper ingredients added. These microscopic ingredients can actually penetrate the skin tissue, making the look of wrinkle aging a thing of the past. As we age, our skin dries out and starts to sag, adding to the look of wrinkle aging, especially on our lips, around our eyes, and in the folds between the lips and the nose. With the use of microscopic ingredients produced with the use of nanotechnology, wrinkle aging can be stopped in its tracks and even back-track to make us look younger and more appealing.

The cure in the past for wrinkle aging of the lips has been surgical lip augmentation. This is no longer true. With the use of lip plumpers, wrinkle and aging of the lip area can be addressed without surgical invasion.

The tiny particles used in nanotechnological skin care ingredients can get through the skin’s layers and be absorbed there quickly. Wrinkle and aging creams contain these ingredients and are sold as nano skin care products. Consider what exposure to the sun can do your skin: it can cause wrinkle aging, burns and skin cancer. By using sunscreen and sun block, we try to avoid these very disturbing effects of the sun. By using nanotechnology, nanoparticles in the sunscreens allows the creams and lotions to get into the tiny cracks of the skin and become readily and quickly absorbed. This protects every area of the skin, allowing for more even skin coverage. It helps protects against any wrinkle and aging after effects from sun exposure. These sunscreens that utilize nanoparticles absorb the sun’s ultraviolet light that can be very dangerous for our skin and our bodies, accelerating what we see as wrinkle aging effects, or premature aging of the skin.

What if your winkle aging problem derives from a loss of collagen? This is a huge issue, and anti-oxidants can help greatly with this type of wrinkle aging. When anti-oxidant creams are used that are manufactured using nanotechnology and/or liposomes, you will see long-lasting effects and fast results. Your wrinkle and aging issues will be boosted to new heights with the use of new ingredient delivery systems because the skin’s dermal layers will be able to produce new collagen. Collagen will eventually make your skin sag and produce wrinkles and lines. With the use of nanotechnology delivery systems, those tiny particles helping to make the product more effective, wrinkles, lines and sagging skin will be lessened and mostly erased. Remember: the advances in science as regards nanotechnology can be used in many varying fields, whether it is the field of medicine, energy production, electronics, or in this case, skin care ingredients or emollients. With the use of this scientific delivery system, the skin care products used will feel much smoother and luxurious, penetrate the skin, and elicit a positive effect in a rapid amount of time.

Fighting the Effects of Aging

There is no question that aging takes a toll on our skin, and our faces are particularly susceptible to the ravages of time. As early as our twenties, fine lines may start to appear, and dark circles, brown spots make an appearance sooner or later. These changes take place over time—years in fact—so we may not notice them until people start asking questions like, “Are you getting enough rest?” or “Have you been ill?”

Don’t wait until your age is written all over your face; take a close look in the mirror today and make an honest assessment of your skin. Are there fine lines and wrinkles? Are dark circles making your eyes look hollow? Do you have any of those telling “liver” spots that distract from an otherwise flawless complexion? Perhaps you have managed to avoid the pigmentation changes that cause spots on the skin and dark circles, but how is your overall skin tone? Has your skin lost its luster and started to look dull? These are inevitable changes that we all face, but their effects can be postponed with the regular application of products specifically designed to combat the signs of aging.

The best products are all natural and contain ingredients scientifically engineered to treat aging skin. They offer skin whitening properties that minimize dark circles and erase spots on the skin—whether you are fighting dark spots caused by aging, freckles, or the patches of dark pigmentation attributed to pregnancy—without being harsh or abrasive like some skin bleaching products.

Whether you are whitening the skin around your eyes, or repairing sun damage all over your face, a powerful, natural product can be your best ally in the fight against aging. Read your labels—the key ingredients to watch for are:

  • Alpha-Arbutin – A cream-based ingredient that lightens skin quickly and effectively without the harsh after-effects of skin bleaching. It works by blocking the production of melanin and arresting the effects of other chemical reactions that affect pigmentation.
  • Belides – Another skin-lightening cream effective in minimizing dark spots and patches—Belides real benefit is that it is fast-acting but non-irritating.
  • Bio White –Created from plant derivatives this ingredient provides the skin-lightening properties of bleaching for skin without the abrasive after-effects.
  • BV-OSC – A vitamin C-based ingredient that offers many benefits to the skin. In addition to eliminating dark spots and circles under the eyes, it can also help treat blemishes and combat the effects of some of the sun’s rays.
  • Net-DG – Fights inflammation and can be particularly effective for people sensitive to other skin products.
  • Niacinamide – Another vitamin-rich ingredient that fights inflammation, it is effective in fighting acne, lightening pigment, and may help block the sun’s rays.

Look for a product that combines these ingredients in order to effectively slow the effects of aging without the use of harsh or abrasive chemicals. Used according to directions and with a commitment to a regular skin care regimen, you will be very pleased with the results.

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