Eyelash Growth Reviews

Eyelash Growth Reviews


Only a select few are born with naturally long and voluptuous eyelashes. The movie stars who don‘t have them create them. Celebrities are often asked to endorse beauty products like mascara in television commercials and print ads. Celebrities are not necessarily naturally beautiful; they often need help to look their best, and you can look your best too by getting in touch with the latest breakthrough products in the cosmetics industry.

Most people don‘t think to include eyelash treatment as part of their beauty regimen.


However, eyelashes are incredibly sensitive to harsh chemicals and should be treated with special care. Many consumers suffer from thinning eyelashes, and sometimes their eyelashes are simply too short. In order to promote eyelash growth and health, a proper eyelash treatment should be used regularly. There are many companies that supply eyelash treatments, but people should only purchase those with a longstanding reputation in the cosmetic industry.

Talika is a cosmetics company that emerged from a surprising discovery. In 1948, a doctor developed a cream that prevented bacteria from forming on the eye wounds of injured soldiers. After use, many of the soldiers reported a lengthening and thickening of their eyelashes.

Talika harnessed the power found in that doctor's anti-bacterial cream to provide consumers with an easy-to-use eyelash treatment.

How to Grow Thicker, Longer Lashes with Peptides

The secret ingredients in many of these eyelash products are peptides. Also used in anti-aging products, peptides have been found to reverse many of the aging processes that affect our appearance, including those that adversely impact the lash line.


Eyelash Growth Reviews

Jan Marini – Jan Marini was one of the first companies to recognize the benefits of peptides in lash enhancement products. Jan Marini Lash uses a variety of ingredients, including peptides, to produce dense, gorgeous eyelashes. The Jan Marini product can also be used on the eyebrows with a similar effect. The product is applied with a mascara brush, and results are seen within a few weeks. Jan Marini Lash has been highly touted, and a multitude of customers are now enjoying positive results from the product.

B Kamins – B. Kamins is another company that has produced an eyelash-enhancement product containing peptides, natural plant extracts, and a variety of vitamins. B. Kamins' conditioning agents keep existing lashes strong and healthy while peptides stimulate the growth of new lashes for a thicker appearance. The B. Kamins product is promoted as a lash conditioner that generates stronger, more fortified lashes and provides the appearance of a fuller eye. According to B. Kamins, users can expect to see positive results within six to eight weeks.

 Neova – Neova has jumped onto the lash enhancement bandwagon with stellar results. Neova Advanced Essential Lash is an eyelash conditioner with peptides, only this formula specifically uses copper peptides to achieve the desired results. Neova's copper peptides are relatively new to the skincare industry, but the results seen in anti-aging products have been impressive. This particular Neova product stimulates hair follicles directly to promote new eyelash growth for a fuller look.

If you want thicker, sexier eyelashes, you now have a number of options from which to choose. These new products provide the longer, thicker lashes you desire without surgery or prescription medication.


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