Tips To Take Care Of Dry Skin

Having a variety of weather conditions, your regular skin care routine may not be as effective in a given season compared to another. With that mentioned, there is really a need to make simple changes to your routine to address a weather condition especially when humidity drops, thus, preventing dry skin. That is why, if you will not be flexible enough with your skin care, there will be times when dry air can leave you skin with fine lines. Also, wrinkles may appear or become more noticeable during this time of the year. Making simple adjustments like the tips we prepared for you today will help you get rid of itchiness, flaking, cracking and even bleeding that are usually associated with dry skin.

Opt for the most gentle ways to exfoliate

Having dry skin also means that your skin is sensitive. Make sure you choose the most gentle way to exfoliate your skin by using peeling gels or AHA cleansers. These exfoliators are usually in cream or gel forms which do not use friction as means of eliminating dead skin cells. Avoid using gritty scrubs as much as possible because this can definitely harm your skin by stripping it off of its natural moisture.

Make it a habit to apply moisturizing cream or lotion after shower

After every shower, moisture is still trapped in your skin. Applying moisturizing cream or lotion afterwards will greatly help in hydrating your skin and leaving it well-prepared against dryness. Make it a habit to moisturize your skin regularly as this will not only avoid dry skin but also makes a good routine against premature skin aging.

Stay away from harsh drying agents usually found in your skin/body products

There are several body and skin care products that contain harsh drying agents like alcohol and fragrance. While these ingredients help bind agents together, it usually evaporates in the skin, hence taking its natural moisture along with it. Avoiding products with these formulations or contents will help your skin smooth and retain its natural softness. Use only gentle skin care products and preferably, unscented types.

Hydration starts from within!

Skin hydration coming from outside your body will surely retain skin moisture and avoid dry skin. But nothing works best than good nutrition that starts from within. Drinking plenty of clean water regularly will boost moisture retention in the skin. Make sure you got all your electrolytes and minerals you need to keep you hydrated and healthy. Remember, hydration starts from within.

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