How To Get The Best Natural Makeup For Blondes

Hairstyle and makeup must harmonize all the time. Natural makeup for blondes are more challenging mostly. Why? It is because most women prefer lighter and natural shades of makeup that’s a little bit in contrast with darker hair. So blondes with lighter hair should make it a point to blend it with their natural skin tone, and as much as possible with your makeup shade. Women with varying blonde hair also need to match with their eye colors. Challenging indeed, but definitely not impossible. Just follow our tips below for natural makeup for blondes.

Use shades of pink that flatter your skin undertones

As a rule, you have cool undertones if you have bluish veins on your wrist. The use of pink color will flatter both skin undertones. It gives a rosy flush, adds color to the skin and perfectly complements with blonde hair. However, if you have greenish veins on your wrist, you have warm undertones. Warm undertones match with peach, yellow or even gold colors.

Natural brown is the safe option for your brows

Natural brown is the ideal brow shade for blondes because it is noticeable but not overly dramatic. Black color would be too dark and unflattering while blonde brows may look plain and mundane. To have a more natural effect to varying blonde hair tone, choose a brow shade that is one or two tones darker compared to your blonde hair.

Grace your eyelids with taupe

Taupe or gray with a tinge of brown if matched with your eyelids will really look great with blonde hair. Taupe color adds depth to the eyes and enhances your eye color giving your skin that flattering natural makeup for blondes. Dust it all over your lids as either your transition color of mono eyeshadow shade. To add dimension and if you’d like to add a bit of luster to your lids, you may want to dab a bit of silver glitter or shimmer on the center of your lids as well.

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