How to use a Mineral Makeup Set to Create a Natural Look

Starting up with your mineral makeup journey requires a great and efficient mineral makeup set. If you are going for an everyday natural makeup look, you don’t really need a ton of different types of mineral makeup. It’s always ideal to start with the basics and the right mineral makeup set will help you get started. In this article, we are going to discuss the facts you need to know when using a mineral makeup set to create your natural makeup look.

The Perfect Mineral Makeup Set for Beginners

The perfect mineral makeup set should always include the basics. The basics of mineral makeup do not require a lot but it should have versatile items essential to your everyday natural look. If you are a beginner in the field of mineral makeup, think of a mineral makeup set that focuses more on enhancing your complexion.

Mineral makeup is all about giving you a healthy, youthful look so for your first starter kit, ditch the dramatic eyeshadows and eye-popping lipsticks for now. Instead, look for a mineral makeup set that features products that give you an enhanced complexion. What mineral makeup products are these? We are going to list it down for you in the next subtitle.

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Mineral Makeup Set Essentials for a Natural Look

Mineral makeup in general is quite versatile as it can be used in many different ways. Complexion boosters such as mineral powder and mineral blusher can also have other uses. This is what makes them great for your mineral makeup set. Here are mineral complexion enhancers that can help you don a gorgeous natural makeup look:

  • Mineral Loose Powder – a lightweight powder than serves as your skin’s finishing veil.
  • Mineral Bronzer – adds warmth to your complexion. It can also be used as a contour powder to add definition to your facial features.
  • Mineral Blusher – gives your skin a healthy flush of color. It can also be used wet as a cream lip color.
  • Mineral Pressed Powder – it perfectly evens out your skin tone. Can also be used wet to function as a concealer.
  • Mineral Makeup Mist – freshens up and sets your makeup in place.

The Significance of Using the Right Brush

A great mineral makeup set should also include efficient and functional makeup brushes that will help you apply your mineral makeup properly. While using your finders to apply your mineral makeup isn’t a very bad idea, it can be quite messy and inconvenient for women who are always on-the-go.

When it comes to applying mineral powders for the face, a soft kabuki brush is definitely a must-have. It’s travel-friendly, soft and fluffy – just enough to deliver the product evenly on your face. It’s also ideal that you look for a mineral makeup set that includes premium multifunctional brushes to save you space. Dual-ended brushes make great tools in a very efficient mineral makeup set.

On the other hand, some makeup sets tend to include low-quality brushes. Make sure you’re getting the real deal so it’s always safe to check reviews and consider the brand of the mineral makeup set you’re getting. Makeup brands that also produce their own brush line is quite ideal for you can be assured that they aren’t getting cheaper tools from other sources.

Simple Natural Makeup Look Tips to Try Out

Do you already have your very own mineral makeup set? Well, it’s time to learn how to use that to achieve a flawless natural look that you can wear everyday! Here are some helpful tips from the pros that you can go by when using a mineral makeup set for a natural makeup look.

  • Apply everything with a light hand. – Less is more when it comes to the natural makeup look. Don’t apply too much makeup on because the goal should be to enhance your natural features and not mask them with makeup.
  • Focus on your skin more than anything else. – Rather than applying heavy eye makeup or going for a bold lip color, focus more on perfecting your canvas – your skin! Use a lightweight mineral powder to even out your skin tone and dab a bit of concealer on areas that need more coverage.
  • Use the right makeup tool for a particular product. – using the right beauty tool is to allow your mineral makeup product to maximize its function.



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