Ingredients to Look For In A Skin Whitening Cream

Certain medical conditions and some habits of prolonged sun exposure have led many people of various cultural backgrounds to seek out products that will lighten their skin and repair damage. A skin whitening cream has the ability to alleviate certain skin conditions that many people suffer from in their daily lives such as vitiligo, large birthmarks, or excess freckles. These creams can also even out the skin’s complexion (especially facial skin tones), lighten the skin’s moles, birthmarks and dark spots in addition to a realm of other whitening possibilities. The creams can also be used to simply give one’s face a brighter, healthier look. Depending upon the ingredients involved in these products, different results can be achieved.

The ingredients used in a bleaching cream can vary according to the desired outcome. Take, for example, NET-DG-Licorice Root, which is a natural substance taken from the licorice root. It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a good choice for those with more sensitive skin types. NET-DG can alleviate the signs of UV damage, It is a powder that is dissolved in water and ethanol. It reduces any possible side effects of itching in about five minutes.

BV-OCS-Vitamin C is another widely-used skin whitening ingredient. It is an anti-oxidant agent which delivers Vitamin C in a much more effective manner than ascorbic acid alone can. BV-OCS is a great protector against the sun’s UV rays, resulting in a lessened darkening of the skin from sun exposure. It helps to protect collagen and also aids in acne treatment and sun protection.

Biowhite Mulberry Grape Juice is comprised of mulberry, scutellaria root, saxifraga and grape extract, all natural ingredients.

Belides Daisy Flower is useful in skin whitening. It is a very safe component, derived from the daisy flower. Its activity can get in the way of the various stages of the formation of melanin or dark pigment. This ingredient will help rid the user of dark spots, will even out a spotty complexion, including freckles, and work as a lightener overall.

Another skin lightening ingredient is Alpha Arbutin. It can minimize the effects of sun exposure, lighten liver spots and act as a bleaching cream. It is a synthetically formulated ingredient, 4-Hydroxyphenyl-a-D-glucopyranoside. It obstructs dark pigment synthesis by preventing or slowing down the chemical reaction or oxidation of tyrosine and dopa.

The aforementioned ingredients can sometimes be found in one cosmetic cream, such as Ageless Derma Skin Brightening Cream, for example, which can make the skin appear more radiant. Using the ingredients in conjunction with one another can pack a powerful punch in the skin brightening realm. Rather than utilizing just one or two skin lightening ingredients in a cosmetic or medical product, integrating a few ingredients will have a greater effect and produce a more attractive and desirable outcome for the consumer.

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