Keep Your Skin Young with Stem Cells Anti Wrinkle Cream

Dr. Farid Mostamand

Author of Ageless Skin Obsession


When you think about fighting lines and wrinkles, you first thought may be of Botox or drastic plastic surgery. Some of us may think of a facial cream as a first recourse to combat the signs of aging, but are dubious that they really do any good or that they may contain harmful ingredients. Well, the tide of public and scientific opinion has turned of late. Injections and dangerous surgery are considered to be a thing of the past. The more modern alternative to aging skin is a quality facial cream, preferably one that has stem cells as an active ingredient.

As we age, and even as early as our late twenties or early thirties, the stem cells in our skin stop working as efficiently and gradually produce less and less new healthy skin cells. That leaves a giant open door for wrinkles and lines to step through and form on our facial areas. What needs to be done is to wake up the sleeping or dormant stem cells that in our skin and get them back to work. New skin cells will be made as though you are young once again. Remember the skin of a child, how soft and supple it was? Stem cells applied on your skin with the right stem cell wrinkle cream can move your skin toward that age once again. It can make your old skin cells once again be active and alive. Your collagen production will be greatly increased with the push of stem cells. Best of all, your wrinkles will be cut in half! You can indeed look younger and, as a marvelous result, you will feel younger and more active than you have in years.

Wrinkles and lines, sagging, and other signs of aging can be greatly lessened with the use of stem cells from plants in the form of a stem cell wrinkle cream. When we think of stem cells, we think of new growth. It’s not a stretch to think of containing a plant’s stem cells in a facial cream to create new skin growth, is it? Growing younger, more supple skin sounds like a miracle drug, but there are clinical scientific studies to back up the claims of these skin cell facial creams.

Stem cell wrinkle cream can be produced from plants, such as a rare Swiss apple. The preparation is PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica. When stem cells are used, they can ensure the longevity of new skin growth. Stem cells can make exact copies of themselves as well as separate themselves to become more specifically dedicated cells. We humans have stem cells in our own bodies. We can have the stem cells of an embryo (embryonic stem cells), present in the embryo of a woman’s womb, which do the job of differentiating and creating the human body. Then there are adult stem cells, which can replicate themselves to repair the body and aid in the everyday turnover of renewing organs such as blood, skin or intestinal tissues. The adult stem cells have amazing restorative powers, energizing new growth in areas that were thought to be hopeless.

Adult stem cells are used in various medical procedures, such as in skin graft transplants to treat severe burns. They have also been used to treat certain forms of leukemia. The stem cells help to regenerate skin and aid with blood flow. In the cosmetic industry, stem cells are used in facial cream by restimulating the adult stem cells located in the skin. Keep in mind that plant stem cells, such as those from an apple, are completely natural and hypoallergenic. This is particularly important to those of us who have sensitive skin types. Also remember that your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it. Though some of these creams may be quite expensive, you are getting a lot out of them. There are other less effective creams that barely are absorbed into the skin, meaning that you are throwing away most of your well earned money. Do some research and choose the stem cell cream that is best for your needs.

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